Cool Electronics for Kids

Electronics for kids can be educational, fun and also keep them busy for hours while you drive to grandma’s house. Check out inexpensive kids portable DVD players, cameras and other devices that’ll keep your kids busy, and you with your eyes on the road. And if you want small hands off your smartphones and your other expensive gadgets, buying a cheap electronic device for a child can help you with that.

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Times have changed

Back in the day, kids used to play with wooden toys, porcelain dolls and train sets to stay occupied while the parents were at work or busy with chores. Today though, if you gave a child a wooden toy, they’d probably ask you why a tree deserved to be formed into a car - the symbol of one of the major greenhouse gas sources - then lecture you about how he wants to live in a decent climate when he gets older. If you get that kind of response, that kid’s probably well beyond toys and would probably prefer a good read on an environmental dissertation or something. In any case, electronics are the way to go with most kids this day and age. It’ll get them well-equipped for this electronic era we’re in while also providing a fun alternative to toy around with than your 300 dollar iPod. Below are a few products that’ll keep your kid occupied for days.

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No more distractions

Games are a great way of keeping a child occupied when you’re doing something important like driving or completing your taxes. Though most children these days already have a console in their rooms and likely a handheld game they carry around, sadly they may be without LCD monitors embedded in the headrest of the family van. So you’re left driving and making sure you stay in the lane while trying your best to keep the kids from killing each other. A nice long movie, perhaps a trilogy, would maintain the peace for you and it’d also be nice to have a selection of 32-bit games they can play once the movies are over. Who knows, maybe you’re driving cross-continental or something. There is a nice pair of headrests from EliteAutoSoundSales you can find on Amazon that provide that very thing. The model number is HR732Black, which of course is in black, but you can find them in tan or gray depending on the color of your interior. Also, if your child happens to be the environmental advocate in the family, make sure you’re driving a hybrid
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